My keys have been lost/stolen, what will I need?

Photo ID & your Vehicle Registration Book.

How quickly can you make my new key?

A lot of factors will influence the answer to this question, but here are the general time scales.
1. Lost/Stolen Keys – About 70% of the time we can do it that day. But on some cars we may need to order access codes or special remotes or blades to complete the job.
2. Spare Key – Almost 100% of the time we can do it that day – but sometimes we may need to order a specific key for your car which can take an extra day.
3. Keys Locked In – Almost 100% of the time we can retrieve your keys that day. There are a few exceptions that will require an actual key blade to be cut. In those cases we can order a key code and cut the blade, but this may take an extra day.

Will my new key be as good as a main dealer key?

Yes! The key blanks we use are supplied by world renowned key makes such as Silca and JMA. Our remote keys are sourced from a variety of major suppliers in Great Britain and have been fully tested over many years of use by locksmiths all over Great Britain and Ireland.
In most cases there will be no difference between the keys we supply and the ones you will get from your dealer. Sometimes the biggest difference is our keys may not have the logo. We aim to provide a balance between cost and quality to our customers. We can also order full main dealer keys, and cut and program these for you, but often this will be more expensive and take much longer while we wait for the dealer to order and supply the key – they do not keep them in stock

Do you repair Renault Key Cards

Yes. We can repair “Card Not Detected” issues and faulty remote problems. These key cards are not designed to be opened, they are sealed units. Therefore we cannot carry these repairs out while you wait. You will need to leave the card with us over night to allow time for the card to be opened and resealed properly. Repairs usually cost €50. 

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