I already have a key – why do I need another?

Would you chance a long journey without a spare wheel?


Always make sure you have a spare key. Having no spare key is more of a risk than driving without a spare wheel. A lost, stolen or damaged key can instantly render your vehicle useless. While we can do our best to have you on the road again as soon as possible, having NO SPARE KEY WILL BE A HUGE INCONVIENIENCE AND AN EXPENSIVE GAMBLE.  

As an Example:

We can produce spare keys for most Toyota Cars form as little as €75… BUT, in a LOST KEY Situation, producing a Key for the same Car could cost as much as €1500!

This is due to the Security Features in most modern Cars that that do not allow keys to be added without a working key present. The main Dealer may need to replace the ECU, Immobiliser and All the locks.

And so the Best Defence against losing them is a Good Offence. It is better to get a spare key NOW, on your terms, than to Stress out and have to spend more money in what might be an Emergency.